EXO Design and Publishing

Redefining publications.

Creators of award-winning travel, corporate and government publications. We specialise in the design and production of print and digital publications, books and magazines.

We provide media content services to publishers in the form of design production, photography and editing. We also publish our own range online publications in an effort to compete successfully in an evolving media environment.

About our publication production services.

Based in Brisbane Australia, we have been providing content services to publishers from 2000. We incorporated in 2004, and our business is well established with long term partnerships.

Custom publication production services.

EXO Design and Publishing was established to produce high quality custom magazines and corporate publications.

Our founder studied at the Seven Hills College of Art in Morningside, Queensland, Australia. Being proud to have graduated as a commercial artist and gaining extensive experience working with advertising agencies and publishing houses before establishing EXO Design and Publishing.

We are energetic and passionate about producing publications and offer production styles that are flexible and based on a clients needs within their market. Our graphics are bold, clean and effective and our design approach resonates with clients who like a strong but flexible style for their business image.

We offer extensive publication design services, specialising in magazine, newspaper, book and corporate publication design. All design production is produced with the highest quality, customer service and value.

In addition to providing design services, we provide media content in the form of image sourcing, photographic editing, editorial content, proofing and print management services.

EXO embodies a spirit expressed in the desire for our works to be born from outside or beyond the bounds of design. Our aim is to create works that encapsulate the mood of good design but go beyond.

What is our competitive advantage?

  • You get concepts created specifically for your project.
  • Content developed to suit your target market.
  • Friendly one-on-one service; established family business.
  • Deadline orientated service with fast turnarounds.
  • Hourly rates or fixed price quotes.
  • We provide a personalised service and assure your project is in the hands of our experienced publication developers.

What do you get included with your project?

  • Competition and market research, even on small projects.
  • Graphic design development with two or more concepts.
  • Unlimited graphic design revisions until design approval.
  • Stock image sourcing and photographic editing.
  • Copy writing and editing when included in your quote.
  • Text revisions based on your quoted hourly rate.
  • PDF design samples supplied for proofing.
  • Print-ready file creation and delivery to printers.
  • Digital publications optimised for online performance.

What is our guarantee?

We have confidence in our design to such an extent that we offer customers complete peace of mind, by giving unlimited revisions on our design work, making sure you get the quality you require.

We discuss your design requirements and based on research, we provide at least two design samples. You then choose a preferred design or request more samples. We then tweak the design to perfection until complete satisfaction is reached.

We have been running our business for many years and we remain passionate about our production quality. You can rest assured you will get the quality product you expect.

Publication production and design rates.

Graphic design rates: Our graphic design rate is $80 per hour. We are happy to quote on your specific project or on an hourly basis. Our rates are lower for ongoing production of regular issues and higher for the development of one off projects. We primarily provide design services and where required can include copy writing and editing - when included in your quote.

Page design rates: Our page design rates are based on $80 per page plus $240 for cover designs. For publications, our quoting is based on the number of pages with an estimated one hour production time per page. Rates depend on the frequency and complexity required for your publication.

We are happy to quote specific rates based on your requirements, please contact us for an exact quote.

All about our founder.

The founder of EXO Design and Publishing received a creative upbringing by parents undertaking successful creative careers of their own. After gaining a Certificate in Introductory Art and Design in 1986 at the Seven Hills College of Art in Morningside, Queensland and later a Certificate in Sign-writing, and then taking on various design and production positions before returning to study at Queensland College of Art / Griffith University, this time completing an Associate Diploma of Arts in Commercial Art 1990 - 1991.

He once declined an offer to transfer to what some saw as the more prestigious graphic design degree course. Not being content with this idea, he proceeded with the commercial art course as he felt a strong desire to create art of a more commercial nature. He saw an opportunity to create a deeper and more immersive experience using the principles of art as a commercial endeavour.

After gaining extensive experience working with advertising agencies and publishing houses in Brisbane and Sydney, he completed a Certificate in Small Business Management and established EXO Design Studios in Sydney in the year 2000.

As our namesake suggests, EXO embodies a spirit, expressing the desire for our works to be born from outside of or beyond the bounds of design.

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